Staying out of Politics

The life of all people is affected by politics: Are you allowed to marry your chosen partner? Do you have a right to vote? Do you have to be scared to be abused or even killed when you are on your way to work? What about healthcare, taxes, education, immigration, public infrastructure and crime prevention? All this is governed by politics. People don't exist in a vacuum, they have to co-exist. Many decisions influence more than one person, so they have to be taken together. That's what politics is all about.

I've never seen anyone stay out of politics as soon as the issue at hand affects them personally. I've yet to meet a person that is truly agnostic to all political developments and all political decisions being made. So, what does staying out of politics really mean? It means you stay out as long as it only affects other people. It's a selfish position to take.

The world needs more solidarity. We have to look out for each other. Consider what difficulties other people face, what desires and needs they have. I see it as everyone's responsibility to address injustice. If you see that someone is treated unfairly, talk to them. See what you can do to help their situation. If you remain silent you are complicit in that injustice.

A lot of this silent complicity happens in companies. I often hear or read the argument by fellow software developers/engineers that they just want to write code and not care about politics. While I can sympathize with that sentiment (dealing with social issues is exhausting) you have to be aware of what you are helping to build. Challenge whether the product you are working on is ethical. Other professions are also confonted with moral and ethical questions. If you see something wrong and you can afford to dissent, please do so.

If you are a person that tries to stay out of politics, I kindly ask you to rethink your position and take responsibility. Think about what positive influence you can have on the world, just by speaking up. For yourself, and for other people.

I'm not going to tell you what political positions to support. Everyone has to figure that out on their own. Think critically, come up with your own conclusions. Discuss politics with your friends and family. Maybe even disagree with them on some topics when you see fit. When faced with convincing arguments, changing your mind is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of maturity, of being a reasonable human being.

Be compassionate. Be kind. Be resolute.

Posted on Jun 04, 2020 by Martin Natano